Preparation for SAT, SET, GRE, FCE exams

Preparation for taking SAT, SET, GRE, GMAT.

Preparation for taking SAT, SET, GRE, GMAT.


SAT- Scholastic Assessment Test

SET- Subject Entrance Test

GRE- Graduate Record Examination - exam for admission to Master’s Degree, Ph. D and etc.

GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test- standardized test for studying at business schools.

    One of the necessary requirements for entering higher education institutions of

Great Britain, the USA, Canada and some countries of Europe and Asia is taking international examinations in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Critical Thinking. The listed exams are taken in English.

     The level of proficiency in English is determined by IELTS, TOEFL tests. As a rule, for Bachelor degree is IELTS-5.5-6.0; TOEFL-530-550, for Master’s Degree IELTS-7.0; TOEFL- from 590.

     SAT examination consists of three sections: mathematics, critical reading and writing. Estimated score is between 600 and 2400.

     Every admission program requires appropriate scores.

     In addition to the listed above tests, there are subject tests called SAT-II. Proficiency in subjects: mathematics, chemistry, biology, history and etc. is determined on this level. Questions of subject tests cover the basic course material. Questions are distributed from simple to complex, respectively, knowledge is checked on the question’s difficulty scale.