Methods of control

Methods of control

Control of educational process quality is essential part of centre’s work. Desired result can be achieved only by clear time planning, methods of control and self-control. Quality control is fulfilled in several stages:

Stage 1 - entrance test. During the entrance a student writes a test (Placement Test), which defines the level of his knowledge and appropriate learning group.

Stage 2 - intermediate test. Such test is conducted in accordance with the work program, but at least two times per month. Specific skills and abilities can be tested: listening, reading, speaking, writing.

Stage 3 - complex test. The test is held at the end of the course. It checks all skills obtained during the course (listening, speaking, reading, written work, grammar test).

The results of all tests are available for students and their parents. The results of tests are analyzed and individual advices are given. At the end of the course certificates are issued.